Raider Selection Guidelines

This page applies to all progression runs, i.e. all Cataclysm raids.

No Warranty has no attendance requirements, no penalties for non-attendance and no DKPs or similar as attendance incentives. This is based on the fact that this is a raiding guild, hence the assumption is that people who want to raid will turn up. Those who don't turn up on a given occasion are assumed to have a valid reason (RL intrudes on most of us from time to time) and thus shouldn't be penalised, or simply don't want to raid regularly, which is a perfectly good personal choice to make and in this guild will not mean you can't ever participate in a raid.

There are two types of raid events:

  1. Open Guild Event. These turn up in your calendar but unfortunately the interface doesn't give you a visual indication that one has been set so you need to actively check. Sign up if you want to attend this raid, and then be online 10 mins before the specified start time. You can still sign up even if 10 people have already done so before you -- not all of them may show up, or they may not be able to fill the needed roles.
  2. Invite-only raid. For these you are specifically invited, and you do get a visual indication in your calendar. These raids are typically continuations of a previous run, or are aimed at achieving a specific goal. Sign up, and be online 10 mins before the specified start time. If you didn't get an invite but would like a spot in this raid, log on anyway and you'll have a chance at a 'standby' place if an invitee can't make it.

Since raids need to be balanced regarding roles it inevitably happens that some slots are oversubscribed. Some sort of selection is therefore required.

The Raid Leader, in consultation with guild officers, will make a selection on which players to take on a per-raid basis, with priority given to those who have signed up and who are online when the raid is being formed, taking into account:

  • your role(s) within a raid (to ensure the raid is balanced)
  • your past performance
  • your gear
  • their current mood :-)

Comments, questions, etc please contact an officer (Vehement / Getaphix or Acuity).

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