Cataclysm Loot Rules (apply to any puggers as well as guildies)

While we're all levelling, and at the start of raiding at 85, it is likely that for some considerable time, every piece of gear that drops will be useful to, and wanted by, several contenders. As a result, off-spec and shard rolls will become rare. When rolling 'need' on anything, please focus on gearing for your current role in the group you're currently in, whether in a dungeon or in a raid. If you have dual-spec, pick one as your main spec, take the corresponding role in dungeons or raids, and focus on gearing up that spec. Since we're likely to have all-guild runs, talk to people and trade items where a mistake has been made.

As far as reforging is concerned, please do not roll 'need' on anything that you intend to reforge. You can only reforge 50% of any secondary stat and as a result if you want to reforge, say, +spirit into +hit it is extremely likely that a healer will want the piece as-is and derive more benefit from it than you would even after reforging.

5-man Dungeons

Default system will be used.


  1. All loot is distributed by RNG; no DKPs or loot ladders.
  2. Main spec rolls will be done first. Off-spec rolls will be invited if there are no main-spec rolls for the given item.
  3. Your main spec is whatever your role is in the current raid. This applies even if you switch to your off-spec for a specific fight. The reasoning behind this change is that we should all focus on gearing one spec up as much as possible, rather than have neither spec well geared.
  4. Gear with +spirit will go to healers only, even if non-healers could equip it.
  5. You cannot roll 'need' on any item that isn't your main armour class.
  6. If you roll either main or off spec on a rare BoE drop and win, you must equip it immediately (even if you then take it off again).
  7. No loot drama. Behave like an adult. If someone else beat you on a roll, feel free to discuss a trade with them privately (not in raid chat), but the other party is perfectly entitled to keep a fairly-won item, even if it would be a bigger upgrade for you. Even very shiny pixels are not worth minutes of raid time in discussion.
  8. If nobody wants a given item it will be sharded. Shards will be allocated by rolling at the end of the raid session. If the raid group contains no enchanter, such items will be allocated by vendor rolls after each fight.
  9. Recipes etc can be rolled for only with appropriate profession skill, and you must learn them immediately.
  10. Where applicable, raid members with the appropriate gathering skill can roll for the right to skin or dismantle a boss.

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