Guild Rules

  1. This guild is for adults. This means your general behaviour (including guild chat, raid preparation etc) should lead a normal person who doesn't know you IRL to believe that you're over 18. Whether you're actually over or under 18 doesn't matter as long as your behaviour displays maturity and consideration for others.
  2. Sexist, racist or other discriminatory or offensive remarks in guild chat or vent will not be tolerated.
  3. Raid invites will go out in plenty of time, and you have to explicitly accept them if you want to raid. If you haven't accepted 24 hrs before the raid we will treat this the same as if you had said 'declined'.
  4. Consideration for your fellow raid members includes being at the instance at raid start time, fully-prepared with enough flasks, potions, personal buff food (for when you miss a fish feast when you died and most other people didn't) and reagents for your class-specific raid buffs.
  5. You are responsible for your own repair bills, raid items, enchants and gems. In Cataclysm, with gold being automatically deposited in the guild bank, some may be made available to raiders for repairs.
  6. The guild bank contains some open tabs, from which you can withdraw what you need. If you need anything more expensive from the other (read-only) tabs, ask an Officer or a Raid Leader for the item.
  7. Do not deposit anything in the guild bank that you don't want other people to take out.
  8. Several guildies have maxxed out professions so feel free to trade with them. However, while they may agree to provide chants and gems for mats to a guildie they are not obliged to do so. If a tip is asked for, treat it as any other trade, or go to the AH / trade channel etc.
  9. Do not offer use of the guild's vent for your own pugs.

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